A List of Remembrance

I have a list of people I’m remembering today, All Souls’ Day. Some of them I knew very well. They helped raise me. They taught me. They helped build my character and my love for my heritage and its traditions.

Some of them I don’t know well at all. They died before I was born. I’ve learned about them in stories, the thing that remains when our bodies are gone. I’ll also be remembering people who were not blood-related, but who just as equally feel like my ancestors; women who were close friends of our family and took care of me, my husband’s great-grandmother, who came from a small island off of Sicily, who I feel a connection with. (The story goes that when she came to Brooklyn, she healed and counseled so many people, the priest paid her a visit and told her she had to stop. 😅)

If you want to acknowledge and pray for your deceased loved ones today, you can do something as simple as write their names on a sheet of paper and light a candle beside it. If you want more suggestions, I’m still emailing out my downloadable PDF, “Seven Ways to Honor Those You’ve Lost, a Manual for Everyday People.” It’s full of ideas as well as my photographs. ☺️ Just email me at Dolores@bellafigurapodcast.com, and I’ll send it your way. ✨

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