A new way to interpret your dreams

**GIVEAWAY!!** I’m giving away a free, exclusive bonus episode, along with a downloadable workbook, on dream interpretation to anyone who signs up for my newsletter! This episode is fifty-plus minutes where I cover different types of dreams, various approaches to interpretation, and a step-by-step, deep dive into a specific method of understanding dreams that caught my attention several years ago.

Robert A. Johnson’s psychological and archetypal approach to discerning the meaning of your dreams is rich, deep, and powerful, helping to reveal not only what the symbols in your dreams mean, but how they are messages from the soul in order to help you heal, grow, and make big changes in your life. I take you through his four-step approach laid out in his pioneering book, “Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth,” and break down each topic so that you can learn and use the process for your own dream life.

Some things mentioned in the episode: Different thoughts on what dreams are. How to remember your dreams. How to view your dream images as aspects of yourself. Different schools on how to interpret dreams, and much more. The PDF workbook is a companion to the episode, giving you a helpful overview and guide to unpack your dream.

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