Roast a Whole Chicken. Feel Like a Champion.

Updated: Jun 9

If you're looking to up your skills in the kitchen, to make more wholesome, nutritious, from scratch food for you and your family, roasting a whole chicken is a great way to get there, while boosting your confidence in your culinary abilities. Cooking a chicken breast is one thing; cooking an entire chicken a whole magical other.

And the good news is—it's so much easier to do than you may think.

Not only is it simple, a whole chicken gives birth to several meals for the week. Shred the leftovers to make a quick chicken salad with mayo, red grapes and walnuts, or chop them up and add them to a nutritious pot of soup made of bone broth and vegetables like celery and peas, and you've made dinner for three nights out of one inexpensive poultry purchase.

Personally, I like to buy organic, free range chickens from the farm when I make this recipe, but any fresh, whole chicken will do. Give it a try and show how impressive you are in the kitchen.

Me with my chicken.

Buon appetito!

What you'll need

1 whole chicken

Two tablespoons of butter, softened. (I use Kerrygold.)

A mix of dried herbs and spices. Choose whichever you have on hand or prefer. I like to use rosemary, parsley, oregano, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika. But pretty much any mix will do.

What to do

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Remove the gizzards from the chicken's interior. (By the way, you can save these in the freezer and add them to other bones, which you can also freeze, to make a super fortifying bone broth.)

Mix a tablespoon of each of the spices you're using into a small bowl. If you're only using a few, be sure to add an extra tablespoon or so for each.

Rub the butter over the chicken, getting into crevices like under the wings.

Sprinkle the herb and spice mixture over the buttered chicken, patting down the herbs just to be sure their set.

Place the chicken with its breast up in a roasting pan.

Bake at 375 degrees for about an hour and a half, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Carve the chicken and serve.

Pretty easy, right? And so delicious as well as healthy. Take that victory lap, chef!

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