Spiritual Conversations for the Rest of Us

But a friend said, “It would be a bad time to launch a different podcast. It would be a bad time to launch a movie about contagious diseases. But right now, the world really needs your podcast. Your content is more relevant now than ever before.” While I'm not pretentious enough to ever think the world *needs* anything I create, it sure was nice to hear a friend say it, and, of course, I hope she's right. . She said this to me because, considering how quickly our lives have changed, I’ve spent the past couple weeks debating postponing the launch of "Bella Figura—The Tradition of Living Beautifully." I've decided to continue ahead and launch in a few weeks (!!), and I wanted to share some of the things I've talked about so far with healers, writers, therapists, and more. I hope, as my friend says, it feeds what many of us hunger for right now. . Some things discussed in episodes of "Bella Figura": Using ancestors for guidance in daily life. Cultivating intuition. Using intuition to protect yourself and your family. Healing ancestral and family trauma. Being the keeper of family stories. Being a rebel, yet finding purpose within the beautiful confines of structure. There is a place for those we've lost in our everyday lives. The lessons our ancestors learned remain in our blood, and they can teach us... . My tagline is “Spiritual conversations for the rest of us” because I want to offer a place where you don’t need a PhD in mysticism to understand what we’re talking about. I want to offer a place where talking about mystery is not esoteric. I want to offer a place where it feels like conversations about wellness and spirituality are happening at the kitchen table. A place where new age ideas are not just mindlessly perpetuated, but reexamined and challenged. I want to offer a place where we laugh. A lot. I promise I won’t use the word “retrograde.” I might use the word “alignment.” 😂. The women I grew up with were not self-conscious about their spirituality. It wasn't exceptional. It was just...life. No woo woo words. No grand pronouncements. I think we could use some of that right about now.

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