bella figura Italian noun phrase
bel·​la fi·​gu·​ra | \ ˈbel-lə-fē-ˈgü-rä  \

Definition of bella figura
: fine figure : fine appearance or impression 

Bella Figura is an important value in Italian culture.  It's the tradition of presenting oneself well to the world—which has little to do with impressing other people, but with showing others, and most importantly God, that you respect yourself and the life you were born into.  

This podcast explores three principal ways to cultivate bella figura in order to live a lusciously rich and gorgeous life...


The Majesty

The popularity of DNA testing and ancestry research point to a strong desire for people to understand who and where they come from.  Without an awareness of the forces that have shaped our lives—The Majesty we belong to—we lack access to our full power and potential.  We feel as though something's missing, though we can't put our finger on what that is. Research shows that children who know their family stories have higher self-confidence, control, and emotional confidence.  They know the larger narrative they belong to, The Majesty that runs through their veins, and this gives them a place in this world. 

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The Elemental

The Elemental embodies

 what our personal culture values above all else.  Particularly in times of crisis and high-pressure, The Elemental serves as a ready-made map of how to proceed.  When we know our cultural values, we can rely on them in times of fear, panic, and anger, when we tend to lose our cool and composure.  They ground us and keep us strong, confident, and anchored.


The Holy

When we learn and participate in worship inspired by the ways of our heritage, we practice a continuation of something that's been gifted to us, by birthright, and that awareness deepens the simplest prayer, the innocuous lighting of a candle, and imbues our spiritual work with a timeless magic.  Learning the rituals and traditions our ancestors practiced is a tool that allows us to step off the speeding train of modernity and connect to something with depth, something ancient, larger than us and much, much wiser.